Bandit the Cocker

Hi I’m Bandit, a Cocker Spaniel. I was rescued from a South Korean dog meat farm when I was seven months old (they were going to eat me). When I arrived in America, I was sent to a dog rescue in Tampa, FL. and they changed my name from Banjo to Bandit because they didn’t want me to have PTSD. My new owner adopted me and moved me to Dallas. She is a dog trainer and takes me with her every day to teach other doggies to be on their best behavior. I love to ride in an SUV, kayak, go boating, travel, snuggle and I winter in Santa Fe with cozy sweaters and jackets. My hooman pays a lot of money to get me my special haircut with my furry feet!

My hooman is going to be pet sitting for Street Style Dogs Mascot BB on Lake Travis so she got me this shark life jacket for my swimming adventures! Woof!!

I appeared on the news in Tampa as my “former” name Banjo- check it out:

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