Beaux Tox the Inspiring, Rescued Lab

I’m Beaux Tox, a six year old rescued lab who is on a mission to rescue more animals like myself 🐶🐱 Before I was born, I was so squished in the womb by my puppy siblings that my skull didn’t form as it should have. Although my face may look different, it doesn’t cause any issues with brain function. I was adopted after my previous owner had kept me outside and uncared for. I was so infested with heartworms and ear mites that it wasn’t likely I would survive very long. However, a group of amazing doctors did whatever it took to get me healthy again. Because of my ear mite infestation, I lost hearing in my left ear. I am also partially blind, due to my facial deformity. However, these issues don’t bring me down. I am one of the happiest and most loving dogs you’ll ever meet. My new name is kind of a joke because of course my forehead is in need of Botox if I was vein, but I’m not….woof ! ❤️ If you ever meet me, you will see that I often wear a tie. This is because my hooman started making me ties so I would be more approachable 👔  My new mission in life is helping save other animals and accomplish the task of making them more affordable and getting them the medical attention they need. Please visit my Instagram account and donate to my gofundme page to help me save other pets in need of help!!!

Hugs and Belly Rubs,

Beaux Tox






























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