Meet Street Style Dogs Mascot, Bentley Breanne (BB)!


Hi I’m Bentley Breanne, my nickname is BB or sometimes BB Queen (like the jazz legend BB King)! I’m an English Cream Golden Retriever from South Dartmouth, Massachusetts and Stoneledge Golden Retrievers. When I was born on June 25, 2016 I was Ms. Yellow in my litter of 5. My mama Bella took special care of us as we nursed and my daddy Blue, who was handsome enough to be in the Westminster Dog Show, protected us and taught me and my furry siblings love and kindness. My hoomans came to pick me up from Texas and then we flew out of Boston on Jet Blue back to Austin.

I love to run, swim, nap, play ball, watch movies and hang out with two Ragdoll kitties. I am honored to be chosen as a Street Stye Dogs mascot along with my BFF Winnie, the Great Pyrenees mascot. I like to lounge around in work out clothes like yoga pants and this hot pink Nike Dri-Fit shirt.

My favorite snack is a pig ear and I love parmesan cheese!

Hugs, Licks and Wags,


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